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      We dress for success here at Reed Middle School. All students are to comply with the dress code policy. Those students who violate the dress code will be taken to the Dean’s office and receive dress code violation consequences.

      Dress Code Policy:


      • Pants or shorts must be navy blue or khaki in color.
      • Jeggings are allowed provided that they are styled with usable front and back pockets.
      • Denim is allowed provided they are dark navy blue and no ripped or torn material.
      • Shorts of nylon or mesh material are allowed if navy blue and free of logos.
      • Shorts must extend beyond the fingertip length.
      • P.E. shorts are to be worn for P.E. only. They are not considered appropriate dress code shorts.
      • Pants/shorts must be able to remain above the waist if a belt is removed.
      • No sweatpants or leggings of any material may be worn as pants.
      • No Cargo pants or pants that are cut-off or split at the seams are allowed.


      • Navy blue, white, or gray polo (or collared) shirts with or without a Walter Reed logo must be worn every day.
      • T-Shirts with the Walter Reed logo and official Reed Spiritwear (Reed academies, clubs, organizations, events) are allowed on Fridays only.
      • Shirts worn under the required appropriate shirt must be white in color with no logo. Long sleeves are allowed.
      • P.E. shirts are for P.E. only; they are not considered appropriate dress code shirts.
      • No shirts that expose the midriff, are low-cut, or are sleeveless are allowed.
      • No non-uniform shirts of any kind may be worn over uniform shirts. Only jackets and sweatshirts may cover the uniform shirt.
      • No item of clothing with profanity, messages that may be inappropriate or offensive and/or cause a distraction to the instructional program are allowed.

      Skirts, Shorts, and Skorts:

      • Skirts, skorts, and dresses must extend beyond fingertip length.
      • Skirts, skorts, and dresses must be navy blue or khaki in color.
      • Shorts, tights, and/or leggings are recommended under skirts and dresses. Tights and leggings may be of any color or pattern as long as they are neither inappropriate nor distracting.


      • Proper and safe foot covering is required.
      • No “high heels” of any kind are allowed on campus.
      • No open-toed shoes are allowed.


      • No hats are allowed on campus. Exceptions must be cleared through the principal.
      • Hoods are not to be worn on campus except outdoors only weather permitting.


      • No bandanas, headbands, sunglasses, chains or spike collars or lettered belts are allowed and/or any insignia that may be considered hazardous to the safety of him/herself or others on campus.

      LAUSD adopts dress code policies for the health, safety, and well-being of all students.

      Please contact an administrator for the opt-out procedures.