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      Walter Reed Middle School and the LA City Bureau of Contract Administration are working together to keep out students safe when commuting to school and home.  
      Our objective is to make the student’s daily commute and safe and simple as possible. That being said, after some discussion with the Metro Sound Wall Construction Management and the Contractor (Powell), our consensus is that it would be best to simply instruct all students to walk north on Colfax to Riverside, followed by eastward to Tujunga….. instead of the currently closed route of: east on Sarah, north on Tujunga to Riverside. 
      Both routes take the students to the South-west corner of Tujunga/Riverside, but the alternate route mentioned above keeps the students safe and out of a live traffic lane. This safer alternate route is merely a few hundred feet further than the original route. We ask that all student and adults follow this route.
      Thank you 
      Jerry Jarak
      LA City Bureau of Contract Administration