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      LAUSD-Guest Wi-FI Access instructions

      Student SSO Set Up/Reset

      Student SSO Set Up/Reset As best practice, students should be instructed to reset passwords at the beginning of each semester. If you have not done so already, please have your students reset their Student SSO passwords as soon as possible. Review tutorials and go to when you are ready to reset passwords.

      If student passwords are not reset, they may be locked and only school sub-administrator will be able to unlock the account on a student by student basis. To name a few, this can affect email accounts, edgenuity, and digital curriculum. It is recommended that schools reset no more than 700 student accounts per day. Please utilize the resources below to assist in performing this needed task.

      Student SSO Set up (PDF)
      Video: Teacher Steps
      Video: Student Steps

      New Process to Access YouTube for Classroom Instruction

      YouTube The District recognizes the educational value of accessing YouTube to support classroom instruction and student learning. YouTube provides teachers and students additional content that reinforces concepts and strategies introduced in the classroom.

      Beginning in July, YouTube has restructured the way content is accessed that does not require the use of a user identification portal. This new change required by YouTube will provide users increased usability and security when accessing content.

      This new mechanism turns on YouTube’s restricted mode instead of simply allowing videos classified as educational. The default setting, which is restricted mode, only allows videos that are rated (G) General Audiences or (TV Y) All Children based on YouTube’s rating system. This feature improves security for students and helps the District remain compliant with federal laws such as the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

      To accommodate this change from YouTube, we are implementing a different procedure for LAUSD employees to access videos than what was previously used. Access is now granted based on your YouTube/Google login using your LAUSD Single Sign-On (SSO). After signing in, the system will automatically recognize the user as an employee and will be able to view videos without being blocked; essentially improving accessibility for employees.

      Students will automatically be able to access YouTube content that is rated G or TV Y after signing into their District provided device. Please note: students will not be able to access restricted videos even if they are logged in with their LAUSD student account due to CIPA compliance.

      Please also note, if you are logging in with your personal Google account (non-LAUSD) through the District network you will be in the default setting, which is restricted mode.

      Important: If the device accessing YouTube is a shared device, the user should log out before leaving the system to prevent unauthorized access to YouTube.

      If you are unable to access a YouTube video after following the steps noted below, please create a service ticket through Remedy at or call the ITD Help Desk at 213-241-5200.

      Here are the steps that are now required to allow employees to access restricted videos:

      Go to and click on the “Sign In” button in the upper right hand corner
      Sign in using you LAUSD SSO including the ( and password. After logging in, the user should have access to all YouTube videos

      Click here to download PDF guide.

      Classroom by Google

      Use this link to log in
      Classroom is a new tool in Google Apps for Education that helps teachers create and organize assignments quickly, provide feedback efficiently, and easily communicate with their classes.

      SAFARI Montage
      Use this link to log in
      Safari Montage requires special plug in to play movies for more information visit this page

      Smarter Balanced Practice and Training Tests
      On iPads please use Safari browser to access this website for testing.

      Edmodo Redirect Now In Effect. You now must verify that you are indeed a teacher in LAUSD to use Edmodo from school. You do this by entering your LAUSD School code one time. School codes can be found here (use your single sign-on to access).

      TECHNOLOGY INFORMATION: Teachers may only remove technology equipment such as document cameras, Apple TV, LCD projectors, and laptops from their classroom by filling out the following “Off Site Authorization Form.” Printers and desktop computers may not be removed from the classroom.



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