Just For Fun


Turkey Bowl

On the Friday before the Thanksgiving break, the annual Walter Reed Turkey Bowl takes place! Students of all ages band together and create their ultimate teams. Teachers and faculty from around the school volunteer to be coaches for the groups. During lunch time, the boys and girls meet with their coach and train for the big game. Students learn valuable information about the sport that they wouldn’t find anywhere else. As student Adam Daneshrad’15 says, “I play a lot of Madden Football on my Xbox and I thought I was well equipped, but after being on a team for the Turkey Bowl, the amount of knowledge blew me out of the water”. For the coaches, it is a great experience to interact with other students and to really give it their all. Our dean and coach, Mr. Torres, states “I’ve always liked coaching. I’ve been coaching sports even before I’ve been teaching. Sports is what I do”. The Turkey Bowl is also a great experience for kids to make new connections. Mr. P, another coach, mentions how his team interacts with each other: “It’s a good set of boys and girls. They work well together and we are going to crush the opponents!”. Over all, the Walter Reed Turkey Bowl is a highly anticipated event that gets the whole school on their feet!

Andrew Charroux’15 and Kai Ferragallo- Hawkins’15

It’s really fun to go to the Turkey Bowl with your friends and root for your favorite team. You really get into it and have a blast. – Jasmine Leib’15

Each grade level has a different period to play their football game. It is a lot of fun to sit with your friends and cheer on the players. – Maya Hernandez’15

Turkey Bowl Results:

6th Grade winning coach: Mr. Demski

“Winning is the best thing ever. We won through hard work and determination. Torres’s team played hard, but we played harder.” –Mr. Demski, Title 1 Coordinator

“I’m proud of our team. My team surpassed my expectation.” -Mr. Torres, Dean

7th Grade winning coach: Mr. P

8th grade  winning coach: Mr. Gomez

“I am proud of both teams for playing hard and playing fair. Both teams deserved to win.” –Mr Gomez, 7th & 8th Grade Science Teacher



Spirit Week

Spirit week began with a day to show how fun the students of Reed can be, Crazy Hair Day. As we walked through the school, and saw the vibrant display of different hair styles, we couldn’t help but feel that the day was a success. From spray painted hair to pencil-filled styles, students at Reed went beyond the expectations of participation and spirit.

– Andrew Charroux’15 and Ryan Abrams’15

Day Three of Spirit Week was Crazy Hat Day. Some kids at Reed went all out on the hats they wore. We saw kids with super funny, colorful, crazy head gear! But don’t think it’s only the kids at Reed that wear crazy hats, teachers do too!

– Sol Madar ’15 Moksha Narayandas ‘15


Halloween Party

There was a special Halloween Bash at the end of Spirit Week on Friday, October 31st.

Photos by Andrew Blocher’15