Music Boosters

Join the Walter Reed Middle School Music Boosters

Welcome to another exciting year with the award winning Walter Reed Music Department! Led by our fabulous music teachers,  the music department is gearing up for another exciting year filled with the joyful sounds of voices and instruments making extraordinary music. What makes the music program at Reed a success year after year? The dedicated teachers? The hard working and talented students? Of course! But parents can take a little credit too! Whether it is making time for your child to practice or helping out the music boosters (or, hopefully, both), our wonderful music program is the product of the work of MANY working together.

The mission of the Music Boosters is to support the teachers and students by assisting in the various practical, primarily non-musical needs of the department.

We provide support in the classroom with daily instrument check-in and check-out. We help run the support aspects at our bi-monthly concerts by running the ticket and concession sales as well as backstage student supervision. We also assist with a variety of production related jobs for the annual Musical, such as costumes, props, and set building. How do we do all of this? With the help of many, many supportive parents, of course.

What can you do? Become an active member of the Music Boosters. One of the easiest ways is to fill out the Music Booster Volunteer Form and you will be notified of activities all year and also let us know how you can help! You can also keep checking out this website to find our calendar and a regular updates about upcoming events. In addition to volunteering opportunities, we also welcome your donations of water or baked goods on the day of our concerts for our concession sales. If you are interested in helping, just let us know! Not only does your participation help the entire Music Department, but it helps your child know that you value the remarkable work and skill they are developing by learning vocal and/or instrumental music.

So, come and be a part of something magical! We’ll see you there!