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      STEAM Academy

      Computer Games  for STEAMFEST

      Use these links to play the games:

      Links to games created on Scratch: Ms. Mansfield’s Period 5

      The STEAM Academy is designed for students seeking problem-based learning activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM). STEAM skills are vital for success in the 21st century and critical to our collective future. Every job, even the ones you wouldn’t expect, will require at least basic STEAM skills. Research shows that these skills are transferable and needed in every job sector.

      The STEAM Academy offers a broad range of enrichment classes that foster interest in various arts and sciences. Students enjoy collaboration, innovation, and creativity, using problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to showcase their work. Special features include an inquiry, hands-on curriculum that allows students to actively seek out information rather than just receive it from the teacher. Students use technology to research projects, design models, create simulations, and to bring their ideas to fruition, just as they would in the workplace.

      In addition, many clubs on campus are STEAM related such as the MESA Engineering Club, in which students take two field trips to the UCLA campus. At Reed there is also an opportunity to join the competitive Robo Reed Robotics Team.  Special field trips include a Women in Science & Engineering (WISE) field trip and a Youth Motivation Day field trip.

      Friends of Reed STEAM Academy website: website of the parent group dedicated to supporting the STEAM Academy

      More information regarding the enrollment/permit process can be found on the Smaller Learning Communities webpage.

      Naomi Kaidin,  SLC Coordinator