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School for Advanced Studies (SAS)

SLC Honors Placement (SAS & IHP)


This year 52% of Reed’s Smaller Learning Communities (SLC) students are identified by LAUSD as gifted/talented. Each SLC has a minimum of one honors class per core subject for each grade level. Gifted and high achieving learners who qualify under LAUSD’s School for Advanced Studies (SAS) criteria are placed in SLC honors classes. Students who live outside the Reed enrollment boundaries who would like an SLC placement must qualify for an SAS permit.

Please visit for further information regarding the SAS permit application process. The SAS permit is valid for all three years of attendance.

If you do not live within the Reed enrollment area, and you would like us to notify you as soon as the 2016-2017 SAS Permit Application becomes available, please complete this web form.



More information can be found in the the Smaller Learning Communities (SLC) Brochure.