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The IHP is the oldest continuous program for Highly Gifted students in LAUSD (founded 1970). This SLC is designed for the unique needs of Highly Gifted students and offers challenges not generally offered in an honors level middle school course of study. Students are expected to demonstrate readiness to tackle a rigorous, accelerated, and/or compacted curriculum in ALL academic subjects.

The IHP offers advanced lecture courses in math classes (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II); utilizes high school and college level textbooks. Students produce writing  pieces far above grade level expectations. IHP students take intellectual risks to go deeper, not just further, in their academic subjects.

Attributes of the IHP students: identified Highly Gifted by LAUSD (or submit evidence to support possible future identification); excel in and look for a rigorous academic environment requiring intellectual risk; read and write well above grade level; are self-motivated and work well independently; demonstrate superior critical thinking skills and advanced logic and problem solving skills; show intellectual curiosity and a thirst for knowledge; and have national percentile achievement test scores 97% – 99% in both English and math (or “Standards Exceeded” SBAC).

IHP Students SBAC Scores May 2018

Met or Exceeded SBAC Standards May 2018 Exceeded SBAC Standards May 2018
Current Reed IHP Students
Grade 6 English 100% 98%
Grade 7 English 100% 100%
Grade 8 English 100% 89%
Grade 6 Mathematics 100% 98%
Grade 7 Mathematics 100% 99%
Grade 8 Mathematics 100% 97%
Average 100% 97%

Application materials and tour sign-up information can be found on the Smaller Learning Communities home page.


Naomi Kaidin,  SLC Coordinator

phone: 818-487-7614; email