Friends of Reed & PTSA

All of us are Friends of Reed.

We have a vested interest in our entire school, fortified by the great efforts and history that PTSA has established on campus.  Membership is required in the Reed PTSA, and it opens up PTA State and National recognition, certain relationships, member benefits and association contacts are made available to use as tools to support the school.  The lion of fundraising for our campus, however, is Friends Of Reed (FOR) and all of us are part of our community.  

As a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, we can fund-raise in support of our community.  Share the word:  Support FOR Everyday!

The active participation of Reed parents is key to achieving clearly defined goals for funding technology equipment and enriching field trips / presentations, which would otherwise be casualties of state and district budget woes.

Our campus-wide support mobilizes volunteers working above and beyond the classroom in all manners of awareness, educational enrichment, fundraising, staff support and planning.

We strive to support all our groups, unify our community, and assist each other in planning and creating opportunity, especially in the budget challenged times ahead.

Please JOIN US in creating a marvelous learning environment with opportunity for all of our students.