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      Since parent involvement is a key component to student academic achievement, all Reed parents are encouraged to be a vital part of the students’ learning team.

      Parent Volunteer Processing Information

      All volunteers must complete these steps EVERY YEAR.

      All volunteers will need to be processed through the District with the following items:

      1. Complete a Volunteer Application and volunteer commitment form at   (YES, you must do this EACH and EVERY YEAR that you volunteer.)
      1. Turn in your printed application (with a current TB test if we do not already have one on file) and a signed Volunteer Commitment Form to the Principal at Walter Reed.

      You can leave the form in his mailbox which is located in the front office of the school.

      Any NEW volunteers need to bring in their TB tests withing 60 days or LESS of being tested!

      TB tests are valid for 4 years.

      1. Let our Principal, know if you want to be eligible for Overnight Field Trips Volunteering (in which case you need to get fingerprinted by LAUSD).  This is set up by Walter Reed.  The school will inform you when and where you go for fingerprinting.


      Events/field trips will not happen unless we have enough chaperones.

      Parent PASSport Portal Sign-Up

      Schoology Sign Up Instructions

      The academic success of our students depends upon the active involvement of each and every family. When students see their parents involved, they believe in their own abilities, stay engaged in their education, develop a life-long joy of learning, and are more likely to finish a four-year college degree.

      Parental Involvement Policy

      Walter Reed Middle School has developed a written Title I parental involvement policy with input from Title I parents. Parents have been an important part of the process in developing the parental involvement policy at Walter Reed. Input was sought out from the various parent groups at Walter Reed, including PTSA. Walter Reed distributes the policy to parents of Title I students annually through the school’s student handbook; it is also available through the school website. The policy describes the means for carrying out Title I parental involvement requirements [20 USC 6318 Section 1118(a) – (f) inclusive].

      Parent Involvement Policy 2018 – 2019 Eng

      Parent-Student School Compact

      This compact has been developed jointly, and agreed upon, between a committee of staff and parents with the specific input of Title I parents. It outlines how parents, the entire school staff, and students share the responsibility for improving student academic achievement. It also describes how the school and parents will develop a partnership to help children reach proficiency on District adopted assessments. This compact is distributed at the beginning of each school year.

      Template tool for school-parent compact for achievement.

      Template tool for school-parent compact for achievement.

      Parent Resources at Reed

      Parent Center – parent education workshops and volunteer opportunities

      School Advisory Committees –  English Learners Advisory Council (ELAC), School Site Council, and Shared Decision Making Council

      Parent Groups at Reed

      Parent groups at Reed include:

      Friends of Reed/PTSA – non-profit parent groups that support all the Smaller Learning Communities at Reed, as well as activities, clubs, school-wide enrichment available to all Reed students.

      Friends of Reed Environmental Science Academy

      Friends of Reed Global Leadership Academy

      Friends of Reed Humanities Academy

      Friends of the Individual Honors Program (IHP)

      Friends of Reed Media Arts and Technology Academy

      Friends of Reed STEAM Academy

      Friends of Music