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      “Walter Reed Middle School offers a comprehensive three year music program that has been in place since the 1930’s.  This tradition of classical music course work allows for students to be introduced to that tradition and develop at three distinct levels. The music department also offers a two-year jazz program, an award winning vocal program, a show choir, and a yearly musical production with a student orchestra.  All classical music programs are available to ALL students.”


      Frequently Asked Questions


      1.    Who should parents contact for auditions or information?


      Parents should contact Mrs. O’Rourke, Mrs. Smith, or Mr. Rosen at 818.487.7623.  They can also leave a message with the main office 818.487-7600


      2.    When are auditions?


      All students are welcomed to join any of the 6th grade classes – including older students who are still interested in learning music. 7th and 8th grade groups (including the jazz program) do require an audition. Please schedule a 7th or 8th grade audition with the appropriate teacher.


      3.    What are you looking for during auditions?


      For a 7th or 8th grade audition please prepare any excerpt from a solo piece you are working on with your private teacher. We may ask to hear the following scales: Winds – (Concert pitch) Bb, F, Eb. Strings – D, G, C, F. We may also require you to do sight reading.  For the choral auditions, Mrs. Smith will have the students sing scales and some vocal exercises.  For students interested in UpBeat Show Choir, some dancing and performance skills will also be required.


      4.    What classes are offered for each grade level (instrumental and vocal groups)?


      6th grade options:  Beginning Strings, Winds, Glee (vocal)

      7th grade options:  String Orchestra, Symphonic Band, 7th Grade Choir, 7th Grade Jazz Band, and Show Choir

      8th grade options: Chamber Orchestra, Wind Ensemble,  Concert Choir, 8th Grade Jazz Band, and Show Choir


      5.    What instruments do we have available?


      We have all instruments for the courses listed above.


      6. What options are there for students who already play the piano?


      We only offer piano in the jazz program. Students need to have at least 3 years of private piano lessons before they audition for the jazz program.  Jazz auditions are held in the spring for the upcoming year, but interested new students should still contact Mr. Rosen. Though we do not have piano in any other class, many students find great success in our program because of their prior piano experience



      7. Where can parents find out more about Mr. Rosen’s strings and jazz programs?

      Please visit Mr. Rosen’s class webpage that includes syllabi and supplemental course material:







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