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      Hello,   Today was a remarkable day. For the first time in our history, schools were closed and students were able to continue learning. It wasn’t perfect and we can expect more bumps along the way, but teachers got up extra early, all of us did our best, and students continued to learn. And we will work to make it better.  We have further information about our ability to open 40 Family Resource Centers and 20 Grab and Go Food Centers on March 18th. At this time, state and local health and public safety officials cannot assure us it will be safe for the children and adults at the Family Centers for us to provide care for children at these sites. We are deeply disappointed – we had an outpouring of support from the community and many thousands of employees signed up to serve at the centers. But we said from the outset we would only open these if we could be certain it would be safe and appropriate to do so and, unfortunately, health authorities cannot give us that assurance. I cannot ask anyone to work at one of the centers, or open them to children, unless we can be assured of their safety.  We will turn the 40 Family Resource Centers into Grab and Go Food Centers, so on Wednesday, March 18th, together with the Red Cross, we will open a total of 60 Food Centers in the communities we serve. The centers will be open weekdays from 7 am to 10 am, and each child can take home two nutritious meals. Locations of the centers can be found at  All of us who work in public education are drawn to the mission as evidenced by the many thousands of our colleagues who signed up to be part of the Family Resource Centers. I am grateful for the willingness of so many to offer your help. We have not given up but at this time it’s best to put our resources toward opening the Food Centers on Wednesday.  Our focus remains on providing continuity of learning for our students, supporting students and families most in need, and keeping our employees safe and connected to the school community so we can all continue to help kids. Thank you for your patience and support.