GATE Parent Resources


Our two GATE parent representatives are: Nicole French (6th grade parent) and Daniel Han (7th grade parent).

Our GATE Coordinator is available to speak to any parent group and/or to provide classes on GATE topics. Please let her know (at if you are interested.

This page will be updated with conferences, contact information, and other opportunities.

Click here for Fall 2018 GATE Parent Newsletter:

Fall Parent Newsletter 2018 ENG

Fall Parent Newsletter 2018 SP

Parent Newsletter Winter 2017

Parent Newsletter Sp Winter 2017

GATE-SAS Parent Conference 2017 English-Spanish-1

GATE-SAS Parent Conference 2017 English-Spanish

GATE-SAS Parent Conference 2017 Korean

GATE-SAS Parent Conference 2017 Armenian



Parent Newsletter_Spring 2017

Parent Newletter_Spring 2017 Spanish

GATE parent-newletter_winter-2016

GATE parent-newletter_winter-2016_spanish-bw



link to LAUSD GATE Parent Resources

link to California Association of the Gifted website

link to National Association of the Gifted website

link to California Department of Education information about GATE

link to Institute for Educational Advancement

link to Davidson Institute