Minutes from September 3, 2015

Minutes From FORT Meeting on September 3, 2015

Meeting was called to order at 8:10am by Cathlin Hidalgo-Polvani and Dan Riemer. Minutes from August 20th were reviewed and approved by parents in attendance.

The financial picture was overviewed as follows: Carol Convey reported that approximately $1700 is in FORT’s account, which should be presented in a more detailed fashion later in September when financial statements are prepared for Friends of Reed.  A budget may be in order after Annual Giving finishes on September 30 and we may then have more funds to work with for FORT activities.  Our only fundraiser in the first half of the school year is the CARE Mondays recycling, proceeds from which are shared with the Environmental Academy, and our portion is dedicated by the CARE organizers to supporting FORT field trips.  Any other resources, which FORT may wish for classroom materials, support of clubs or student activities, or field trips must come from direct contributions to Friends of Reed Annual Giving (with a portion designated to Technology Academy) from parents or sympathetic companies/organizations.  FORT receives no direct funding from LAUSD or other governmental entities.  Carol Convey also gave an example of other ways to raise money, she iterated that if a FORT member sells a Colfax Avenue school banner for $500, that member might designate Tech Academy or any particular FORT program to receive a $225 share of the sale.

Ms Gamba, Principal of Walter Reed Middle School, introduced herself as the school’s administrative representative for this year to the Friends of Reed Technology Academy, and indicated that Mr. Zwiers (7th & 8th grade math teacher) would be the teacher representative.  She thanked FORT for hosting a coffee with the Technology teachers and administration on August 28.

The major field trips were reviewed with the latest dates and details.  The Santa Monica Mountains trip for Tech 6th graders is scheduled for March 21-23, 2016, with an approximate cost of $280.  The Tech 7th grade trip to Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI) is to be from May 13-15, 2016, for approximately $300.  The 8th grade Tech trip to Yosemite is planned for February 12-16, 2016, at an expected cost of $750.  The school-wide 7th grade trip to San Francisco is scheduled for May 26-29 at a cost of approximately $750, and the school-wide 8th grade trip to Washington DC is planned for May 20-24 at an anticipated cost of around $1350.

For the minor classroom field trips, FORT leadership will contact Tech teachers to determine possible dates and places, which will then be developed by FORT members who have indicated interest in helping with field trips.

Attendees were then asked to contribute ideas for possible FORT community-building events.  Laura Basmajian suggested a Parent Mixer, which FORT and other academies hold regularly, and offered to host it at her house in early October.  Karla, proposed doing a service event through Operation Gratitude, which preps meals for charitable donation, and she will contact that group to see what dates might be possible for us to participate.  Carol Convey invited FORT to join an event called “I’m going to College Night” on October 3 at the Rose Bowl, which features a UCLA game and to which Friends of Reed will have tickets available.  A suggestion to host a board game night at the school was rejected due to perceived lack of interest by Tech students.

An update on clubs was then provided by Dan Riemer: after speaking with Ms. Mills, it appears that a robotics club is not currently taking place at the school — only the robotics elective for STEAM students and the RASE session 1 robotics class.  Further, no programming club is currently active at Reed, and Dan has contacted the Tech Academy’s technology teachers to ask about their interest in starting one.  As several Tech teachers appeared willing to support clubs at the previous week’s coffee, getting specific faculty sponsorship will be the next step for either of these potential clubs.  Carol Convey noted that providing a small stipend may be necessary to securing long-term faculty participation in clubs.  Dues or contributions might therefore need to be addressed at an early stage in order to get a club financed and started.

Regarding the CARE Mondays recycling, Lidia Palma gave a description of where drop-offs occur around the school and how the materials need to be transported to a central shipping container.  Lidia advised that volunteers are needed to help with this recycling fundraiser, in particular when free-dress wristbands are being handed-out for participation.  Carol Convey noted that volunteers from FORT are needed to help with Annual Giving phone calling later in September.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 a.m.


Minutos de la Reunion de FORT el 03 de Septiembre del 2015
La reunion se inicio a las 8:10am por Cathlin Hidalgo-Polvani y Dan Riemer. Los minutos del 20 de Agosto fueron revisados y aprobados por los padres en asistencia.

Las principales excursiones fueron revisados con las ultimas fechas y detalles. El viaje a las montanas de Santa Monica para alumnos de 6to grado de tecnologia esta programada para el 21 hasta el 23 de Marzo del 2016, con un costo aproximado de $280. El viaje para los alumnos del 7to grado de tecnologia,  para el Instituto Marino de las Isla Catalina (CIMI) esta programada para el 13 hasta el 15 de Mayo del 2016, por aproximadamente $300. Esta previsto que el viaje para los alumnos del 8 grado de tecnologia a Yosemite esta programada para el 12 hasta el 16 de Febrero del 2016, a un costo aproximado de $750.
El viaje de toda la escuela para el 7to grado para San Francisco esta programada para el 26 hasta el 29 de Mayo a un costo de aproximadamente $750, y el viaje de toda la escuela para alumnos del 8 grado a Washington DC esta prevista para el 20 hasta el 24 de Mayo con un costo aproximadamente $1,350.

Para las excursiones menores de cada aula durante un dia, el liderazgo de FORT se pondra en contacto con los maestros de tecnologia para determinar las posibles fechas y lugares que luego seran desarrolladas por los miembros de FORT que han indicado interes en ayudar con las excursiones.

Se pidio entonces a los asistentes si querian aportar ideas para posibles eventos que ayudaran a crear una comunidad de FORT. Laura Basmajian sugirio un Mixer para los padres, cuales otras academias matienen con regularidad, y se ofrecio a acogerla en su casa a principios de Octubre. Karla, propuso hacer un evento de servicio a traves de la Operacion Gratitud, que prepara las comidas para la donacion de caridad y se pondra en contacto con ese grupo para ver que fechas podria ser posible para nosotros participar.
Carol Convey invito a FORT unirse a un evento llamado “Voy a la Universidad por la Noche” el 3 de Octubre en el Rose Bowl, que cuenta con un juego de la UCLA y al que Amigos de Reed tendran entradas disponibles. Una sugerencia de noche de juegos de mesa fue rechasada.

Una actualizacion de Clubs fue proporcionado por Dan Riemer, despues de hablar con la senora Mills, parece que un club de Robotica no se esta llevando a cabo en la escuela-solo la Robotica electivos para los estudiantes de STEAM y en la primera sesion de RASE. Ademas, ningun club de programacion esta activo actualmente en Reed, y Dan se ha comunicado con los profesores de la academia de tecnologia para preguntar acerca de su interes en iniciar uno y varios profesores parecian dispuestos a apoyar a los clubes en el cafe de la semana anterior. El siguiente paso sera conseguir el patrocinio de la facultad para cualquiera de estos pontenciales clubs. Carol Convey senalo que la provision de un pequeno estipendio puede ser necesario para asegurar la participacion del algun profesor de largo plazo en los clubs. Contribuciones podrian abordarse en una fase temprana con el fin de conseguir un club financiado y empezar.

En cuanto a CARE Monday, Lidia Palma dio descripcion de como funciona el programa y de cuando se necesitan voluntarios en cada estacion para cuando le dan incentitivos a los alumnos que traen bolsas de reciclaje.

Carol Convey senalo que se necesitan voluntarios de FORT para ayudar con las llamadas para las donaciones Annuales (Annual Giving) a finales de Septiembre.

Se levanto la sesion a las 9:10 am.

Tech Parent Meeting / Reunion de la Academia de Tecnologia

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Meeting Minutes

Friends of Reed Tech Meeting (FORT)

August 20, 2015

Meeting started at 6:30p.m.

Welcome and Introductions were done amongst the Academy Committee and the Parents in attendance.

Dan Riemer opened up the meeting with an outline of what to expect for the night and gave a brief presentation of the forums and ways our Academy communicates. We currently communicate through Facebook, Weekly newsletters, and the FORT Website.

Cathlin Hidalgo –Polvani and Dan Riemer explained the challenges concerning inter-classroom communications between parents, whose kids have the same teacher, as well as just reaching everyone and keeping parents informed about what’s going on in our Academy.

After much discussion, the group decided to keep the current ways of communications, distinguishing better from what pertains to our Academy and what’s solely general school events, as to minimize repeats. To create a directory per classroom for the parents that want to opt- in to exchange emails on class-specific topics.

Lidia Palma, gave out some upcoming tentative dates for overnight trips for Tech Academy, which are coordinated along with Environmental Academy.

  • 6th Grade- Santa Monica Mountains-Tentative dates March 21st-23rd
  • 7th Grade- CIMI (Catalina Island Marine Institute)- Tentative dates May 13th-15th
  • 8th Grade- Yosemite– Tentative dates February 12th-16th
  • 7th/8th Grade Multi-Academy Event: San Francisco-Dates TBA
  • 8th Grade MultiAcademy Event: Washington D.C.- Dates TBA

The trips curriculums are catered to our Tech kids, plus kids learn about team building skills.Meeting was adjourned at around 8:00p.m.


Friends of Reed Tech Meeting (FORT)

El 20 de Agosto del 2015

Reunión comenzó a las 6:30 p.m.

La bienvenida y presentaciones se realizaron entre el Comité y los padres en asistencia.

Dan Riemer abrió la reunión con lo que estaba programado para la noche y dio una breve presentación de los foros y formas nuestra Academia se comunica. Actualmente Nos comunicamos a través de Facebook, boletines semanales, y el Sitio Web FORT.

Cathlin Hidalgo -Polvani y Dan Riemer explicaron los retos relativos a las comunicaciones entre el aula entre los padres, cuyos hijos tienen el mismo profesor, así como alcanzar a todos y mantener informados a los padres sobre lo que está pasando en nuestra Academia.

Después de mucha discusión, el grupo decidió mantener las formas actuales de comunicación, distinguiendo mejor de lo que pertenece a nuestra Academia y lo que es los eventos escolares exclusivamente generales, para reducir al mínimo las repeticiones. De crear un directorio por aula para los padres que quieren opt-in para el intercambio de correos electrónicos sobre temas específicos de la clase.

Lidia Palma, hizo anuncios de algunas próximas fechas tentativas para los viajes de noche para la Academia, coordinadas junto con Environmental Academy.

  • 6º Grado: Montañas de Santa Mónica-fechas tentativas- Marzo 21-23
  • 7mo Grado- CIMI (Instituto Marino de la Isla Catalina) – fechas tentativas -Mayo 13-15
  • 8º Grado- Yosemite- Fechas tentativas- Febrero 12-16
  • 7º / 8º Grado Multi-Academia de eventos: San Francisco-Fechas seran anunciadas pronto
  • 8º Grado Multi-Academia de eventos: Washington DC- Fechas seran anunciadas

Los currículos de los viajes son especialmente para nuestros hijos de la Academia de Technologia, además los niños aprenden acerca de las habilidades de trabajo en equipo.

La reunión termino alrededor de las 8:00 p.m.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone, hope you all had a great Summer vacation.

Our first meeting for this 2015-2016 school year will be held on Thursday, August 20, 2015 at 6:30pm in the Parent Center (room 106). 

Bienvenido de nuevo a todos, esperamos que todos hayan disfrutado de sus vacaciones de verano.

Nuestra primera reunion de este año escolar 2015-2016 se llevara acabo el dia Jueves, 20 de Agosto del 2015 a las 6:30pm en el Centro de Padres (habitación 106).

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