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      Parents/guardians of ELs should be provided multiple opportunities throughout the year to learn about the Master Plan instructional program options. Notification opportunities include, but are not limited to, initial enrollment, parent meetings, orientation meetings, Back-to-School Night, Open House, parent advisory committee meetings, etc. During these opportunities parents/guardians are provided with the Instructional Programs for English Learners Parent Brochure, time to view the Instructional Programs for English Learners video/DVD, and a platform to discuss and ask questions. These opportunitieswill ensure that parents receive substantial and accurate information to make informed decisions regarding their child’s instructional program placement.

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      Secondary  Brochures: Secondary English Brochures  Secondary Spanish Brochures

      Instructional Programs Brochure

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      The English Learner Master Plan was adopted by the L.A. School Board Tuesday, June 12, 2012 with a vote of 6-0. The newly adopted EL Master Plan will help support LAUSD’s staff, teachers, parents and community to provide educational options for LAUSD’s diverse student population, especially second language learners. To view the entire document click here. (Versión en español del Plan Maestro Para Aprendices del Inglés ahora disponible).

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