Reed Attendance Office will be closed until July 19, 2018.


All students must return with a note after a full day / partial day of absence. This must be turned in to the Attendance Office before class begins, including all doctor’s notes. The Attendance Office opens at 7:30 AM. All notes must include:

1. Student Last Name, First Name

2. Birth Date

3. Date of Absence

4. Reason

5. Grade

6. Parent Signature

Absences may also be cleared by email

If the link above does not work, cut and paste into your browser:

If you have any questions regarding clearing absences please contact:

Re-admission to School (Students):

A student return to school following a serious or prolonged illness, injury, surgery, or other hospitalization (including psychiatric and drug or alcohol inpatient treatment) must have written permission by the health care provider to attend school, including any recommendations regarding physical activity. Students returning to school following a serious communicable disease exclusion may need additional clearance for re-admission.

A student returning to school with sutures, “ace” bandages, slings, casts, crutches, splints/braces, canes/walker or a wheelchair must have a physician’s written permission to attend school and must comply with any safety procedures required by the school administration and health services personnel.