Buy Your Yearbook Today!

Yearbook Pre-sale HAPPENING NOW!
The cost of the 2018 full-color yearbook is $35 during the pre-sale.
All orders must be paid in cash or check to: “Walter Reed Middle School” at the student store.
Or if you would like to use a credit card to purchase your yearbook please visit:
Enter Order Number: 16479


Come audition for the Reed’s Got Talent Show!

Welcome back everyone! Auditions for the Reed’s Got Talent Show will be January 24th, after school, at 3:10 PM.  If you are interested, please sign up in Room 217 by January 23rd during Nutrition. All are invited!

Art Show: Do you have a painting, drawing, photo, sculpture, or other artwork you would like to show off at the Reed’s Got Talent Show? If so, bring it to Room 217 before February 20th. Submissions can be picked up the week after the talent show.

Any questions please see Ms. Szymanski, Room 217. Thank you!



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