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      STUDENTS AND PARENTS!! Please read below:


      1. Check your Schoology email every day – Once you log on, the email envelope icon is at the top RIGHT in the dark blue bar. Write down any notes your might need to remember.
      2. Check EACH course/class  in Schoology – For this, first click on “COURSES at the top LEFT in the dark blue bar.  Then select a class.  Once you are in a class, go to “UPDATES.”  “UPDATES” is on the LEFT side under “MATERIALS.”  Check each course!
      3. Students, YOU can also post questions on Schoology under “UPDATES” for your classmates to answer so that they can help you with any tech problems. Your teacher can also help there too.
      4. Don’t forget to check Schoology GRADES on the LEFT for missing assignments!
      5. COMMUNICATE with your teachers. You can email them in Schoology. Click the envelope icon at the top. Then click “New Message.” Ask your friends and parents for help!

      PARENTS:   Please make sure you have joined Schoology and check the email messages for each course with your students each night to see any updates on what they will be doing the following day or days.  For help joining Schoology, contact Myriam at  Additionally, there are 3 HOW-TO VIDEOS here: (**Scroll about halfway down to the VIDEOS section to view Finally, for a video for parents about Google Classroom, click here:

      Device Needed

      Parents, please fill out this google form if your child does not have access to a computer at home to complete school assignments.  Please know that parents will be emailed when to retrieve the chromebook.

      Yearbook Request:

      Yearbook needs you!
      Please send the yearbook staff pictures of home school fun?  Both what learning remotely looks like AND also games the kids are playing at home.
      Please email to, and include first and last name and grade of the student in the pic.  Please send by Friday March 27th.